October 12, 2012

Stabbed to Death

Stab's '...Nation Rising' is a display of classic styled UKHC.  Taking obvious cues from bands like Ripcord and Heresy, you know what to expect here.  Originally released by Quality Control HQ, I recently picked up a copy of the US press as well, courtesy of Painkiller.  Like I mentioned in a previous post, I don't generally go after multiple versions of the same record.  However, if I like the band enough and the covers/layouts are different I may be inclined to acquire multiple copies.  Such is the case for Stab.

I grabbed the original press from Quality Control HQ when it was initially released.  I was lucky enough to get a color copy as well.  Pretty bare layout as you can see.  The lyrics and credits are printed on the back of the sleeve.  Green vinyl, limited to 75 copies I believe.

And here is the Painkiller release - with a redone layout.  I prefer the look of this one.  Again, the lyrics are printed on the back of the sleeve.  All copies pressed on black, limited to 375.

And here are the two of them side by side.  Looking at some of these pictures I realize how terrible the lighting in this room is.  Maybe I should start taking pictures in a room with better lighting.  Does anyone care?


  1. Lighting is paramount. I only take photos on the weekend when I can be home around midday when the lighting is perfect.

  2. Yeah, I'm thinking I need to do that too. I just took a bunch of pictures last night (in a different room than normal) and now I have a glare on most of them from the lights. Ugh.