October 22, 2012

In Need of Painkillers

Here are two 7"s put out on one of my current favorite labels - the mighty Painkiller Records.  First up is Dry-Rot's 'Subordinate.'  I was able to snag this for a whopping $3 on eBay a few days back, which is a major score in my book.  Dry-Rot play(ed)s a weird style of hardcore that is difficult to describe.  All I can say is that if you like hardcore that's off the beaten path you will enjoy this band.  The packaging for this one is really cool.  The sleeve is actually a 20 page booklet with the lyrics, credits, and illustrations within.  I really like the art style that's going on in here.

Next up is a 7" that I already had, but not on color.  The same seller had this copy of 'Human Hatred' by Vaccine listed for another whopping $3, so I couldn't pass it up.  If you don't know them, Vaccine plays straight edge powerviolence influenced hardcore.  The songs by this band rarely exceed the 1 minute mark.  For example, there are 10 songs on this 7" and the entire thing clocks in at a little over 4 minutes.  This style of music done well is unfuckwithable, and this band definitely nails it.  The sleeve for this one folds out into a 4 panel X.  NICE.  This first press color copy will replace my first press on black.  Anyone interested in my black copy?

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