October 16, 2012


Cult Ritual is a band that I've been a fan of for a while now.  Back when the band was active there was an INSANE amount of hype surrounding them.  So much so, that the few records I have here would have cost me close to $200 total for the lot.  Lucky for me (and other collector scum) that the hype has died down since the band has broken up, and these things are easier to get now.

First up is the band's first EP on Burrito Records.  There were 1,000 of these things pressed, on as many as 30 different color variations.  My copy is on a teal color.

Next up is the band's 3rd EP, released by Drugged Conscience Records.  This is a first press copy with the brown card stock cover.  The second pressing had grey textured covers.  Limited to 400 copies on black vinyl.

The last 7" here is the 'Holidays' single.  This was released as a tour only 7" featuring a different version of the track 'Holidays' taken from the LP.  Released on Life's A Rape Records.

Lastly, the band's sole LP.  This is the tour version of the LP on red/maroon vinyl, with a double-sided screened sleeve.  Limited to 200 copies.

The only vinyl released by the band that is missing here is the 2nd EP.  I do have a copy of that record, but for some reason I didn't dig it out to take pictures.  Oh well.  I now have a full collection of their vinyl output, so I'm happy.


  1. That is some incredible looking wax... The green and the red/black!!

    1. These pictures don't do the LP justice. It's beautiful.