October 9, 2012

Brain Scares

A recent order from Deranged Records out of Canada brought some killer new records yesterday.  First up is the new EP from the mid-west's Brain Tumors, 'Fuck You Forever.'  Killer hardcore punk in the vein of any fast, pissed hardcore punk bands you already like.

Since I'm a nerd I opted for the color version of this record, and man does it look awesome.  A really nice pink color that goes perfectly with the ink for the text on the sleeve.

The other record here is the new EP from Ottawa's Pregnancy Scares.  Another band that plays pissed off hardcore, but with a bit more feedback/noise than the previously mentioned band.  I can see fans of Cult Ritual eating this up.  Very minimal layout - no lyrics/insert/credits/etc.  But sometimes less is more, right?

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